Welcome to Brink Beta Trading Competition

Welcome to Brink Beta Trading Competition
🎉 For those who filled out our allowlist form, Congrats! You’re officially in for Brink’s first beta trading competition, starting April 7th and scheduled to conclude May 5th. Whether your already an NFT holder, traded with us before, or brand new to Brink - this competition is an equal playing field for all. $20k in USDC and other perks are up for grabs, let’s get started 😎

Compete on who can grow their portfolio the most, using Brink.

A. Buy NFT on Brinks app - top 5 traders with the highest portfolio growth at the end of competition using Brink gets awarded from our prize pool.

B. For each NFT

  • When purchased, we record NFT cost basis in USD based on collection floor price (not purchase price).
  • If sold, we record gain/loss in USD based on floor price.
  • If held until competition end date, we record unrealized gain/loss in USD based on floor price.

C. We calculate each trader’s portfolio with the following score card metric.

🚀 Gain Loss Sum/Cost Basis Sum  = Leaderboard Metric
$22 / $14 = Score

If G/L === 0, Score = 0

Here are some more details regarding this Trading Competition

Start date: April 7th 4:00 pm UTC End date: May 5th 7:00 pm UTC

Prize $$ allocation

1st place - $8,000

2nd place - $5,000

3rd place - $3,000

4th place - $2,000

5th place - $2,000

Other perks include: exclusive role and channel in discord, NFT giveaways, early feature access, and more.


Can I include NFTs I’ve held before the competition start date?
Only newly acquired NFTs using Brink during the trading competition will count toward your score card.

What is the payout schedule for the prizes?Payout will be within 30 days of announcing winners at the end of the competition.

What is considered a valid purchase and sell?
A valid purchase is any fulfilled limit order with an order details page on Brink. A valid sale can be through any marketplace. However, only using the wallet address you signed up with so that we can cross reference your transaction history for our score card calculations.

Can I use more than one address?

Please only use the wallet address you entered to sign up for the competition. If for some reason you would like to compete with a different wallet address, please reach out in our support channel on Discord.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of trades we have to make?

To qualify for placement, users have to have a minimum of 2 filled orders.

Am I allowed to trade the same NFT multiple times?

Wash trading will not be allowed in this competition, and could result in disqualification.

How can I win NFT giveaways?

Opportunities will be given at random to win NFTs, so keep an eye out in our discord for ways to win! This could include re-sharing something on social, creating an NFT order that gets filled, or referring a user to Brink.

What Collections am I allowed to buy?

We only qualify collections with trailing 30 day volume of approximately 500 ETH or greater.

Disclaimer: We reserve the rights to disqualify competitors who wash trade, are rude in Discord, or abuse the competition.

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