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Advanced NFT and DeFi Trading, Made Simple

Automated conditional orders and composable trading strategies, built on Ethereum

Aggregated liquidity

Buy your desired NFT from any listing, on any marketplace, with any ERC-20 token.


Non-custodial and open-sourced for maximum security and control.

No fees

No gas or protocol fees to submit an order - just sign and send.

Trading on auto-pilot

Use Brink to swap ERC-20 tokens, bid on NFT collections, and more.

Analyze spread and maximize profits

Insightful analysis and spread of NFT collections at your fingertips to share with your communities

View aggregated offers and listings across marketplaces.
Strategize your order with top collection offer and listing.
See global floor and depth chart for the most comprehensive NFT data.

Monitor your order status

Track and share a realtime progress of your trades.

Track advanced charting of your order progress
View all expired, cancelled, filled, and active orders in one place. 

Bid on aggregated NFT liquidity

Get the best bid on NFT collections from various marketplaces, with any ERC-20.

Automate expiration details for trades, and put your NFTfi portfolio on auto-pilot.
Transact with any ERC-20, regardless of NFT listing token.
Zero fees, no gas required to submit orders.

Automate order limits, hands free

Automate order limits for ERC-20s and NFTs

Easily create order limits for NFTs
using any ERC-20.
Stay in control of your funds on non-custodial, decentralized infrastructure.


Stop Loss

Unlock conditional orders on your DApp

Seamlessly integrate conditional orders and liquidity into your dApp

Don’t waste time building new order types. Easily integrate Brink into your product with our easy-to-use API endpoint.

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