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January 25, 2023

Brink: Conditional Orders for Any ERC20 Pair

Brink: Conditional Orders for Any ERC20 Pair

We’re excited to announce Brink: a DeFi conditional orders platform. Brink lets you create limit orders on any ERC20 token pair that has a Uniswap market.

Brink is bringing automated transactions and conditional orders to DeFi for the first time. Using smart contract accounts and meta-transactions, users sign and publish orders that can be executed permissionlessly based on market conditions.

Limit orders are the first use case for the platform. Complex conditional orders based on price movements in any direction are also possible, as well as DeFi specific actions such as automatic liquidations and reward re-allocation.

How Brink works

Users generate a Brink smart contract account that is owned by a Metamask address. Orders can then be signed using Metamask and publicly broadcasted for executors to mine. The current set of executors are sourcing liquidity through Uniswap V1 and V2 markets. As more executors enter the network, more liquidity sources will be added, resulting in better pricing. Executors pay gas for transactions to be executed and profit by arbitraging between the order price and AMM liquidity. Talk to us about becoming an executor.

Benefits to Users

Limit Orders for Any ERC20 Pair

Brink is the first Dapp to support limit orders for any ERC20 token pair.

No ETH Needed for Gas

You can execute orders without ever transferring ETH to your Brink account. For example, you could transfer DAI from another wallet and execute an order for DAI to tBTC.

No Transactions

Executors handle the complexity of transaction submission and gas payments. Brink account owners only need to sign and broadcast their orders.


You can submit multiple trades at the same time; your address won’t be blocked by pending transactions.

Brink Ninja Beta

Our ninja beta app is live at The beta is currently closed to users that meet certain criteria for early adopters. Talk to us about joining.

Learn more about Brink:


We’ve done our best to deploy secure code, but Brink has not been audited by a 3rd party. Like any Dapp, use caution, and be aware that there is always a risk of fund loss.

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